The comedian who's "Jung at heart, and a Freud of Nothing"

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"My motto as I live and learn is: DIG and be DUG in return." -- Langston Hughes

"'DIG and be DOUG' is funnier." -- Doug Fun

Claiming to be "Jung at heart and a Freud of nothing," Doug displays his twisted sense of humor with clever wordplay and biting wit. The popular writer/comedian has helped audiences -- running the gamut from college students and political protesters to librarians, businesspeople, governors, congressmen and other elected officials -- find the good time they deserve in looking at the lighter side of things. Though he doesn't often curse on stage, his "edgy" material has proven popular too.

An autographed copy of Doug's book "Graze Expectations" was recently added to the collection of Vice President Dick Cheney. For pictures of Doug entertaining the Vice President of the United States, click here!

For booking information, email  doug@dougfun.com  

Doug has performed on some of the best stages with the best comedians around:

  • DC Improv (with Dave Attell, Todd Barry, Jeff Caldwell, Chris Coccia, Will Durst, Dom Irrerra, Kathleen Madigan, Greg Lausch, Brett Leake, George Lopez, Emo Phillips, Joe Recca, Bill Santiago and many, many more!) 
  • Laugh Factory (New York City, NY, with Brian McKim, Traci Skene, Adam Gropman, Chris Rich and many others!)
  • Pittsburgh Funnybone (With Mitch Fatel, Lord Carrett and Dustin "Screech" Diamond)
  • The 9:30 Club -- Washington, D.C. (for Election Night 2004 "Rock the Vote" show)
  • Del Rios Comedy Club – Leesburg, VA (with Mickey Cucchiella)
  • Baltimore Improv (with Greg Lausch and Todd Barry)
  • ComedyWorks (Denver, CO, with Greg Fitzsimmons, Kathleen Madigan, Chuck Roy, Deacon Gray and Chris Voth)
  • Winchester's Comedy Club (Baltimore, MD)
  • The State Theatre (Falls Church, VA, with Doug Stanhope and Junior Stopka)
  • WiseAcres Comedy Club (Tysons Corner, VA)
  • Wit's End Comedy Club (Denver, CO)
  • Tootsie's Comedy Club (Fallston, MD, with Mark Voyce and Raymond the Amish Comic)

Doug has also performed for college audiences at:

  • American University
  • Arizona State University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of Wyoming

Doug has also entertained listeners/viewers alike on national and regional media outlets:

  • CNBC "The Capital Report" (discussed the role of humor in modern presidential campaigns with host Eamon Javers)    
  • KRFC Radio (Fort Collins, CO – promotional appearance)
  • KGWN TV (Cheyenne, WY - promotional appearance)
  • "The Ian Punnett Show" (St. Paul, Minnesota  FM 107 WMFP -- guest commentator)
  • "8101" -- MHzNetwork/the Dish Network (Vienna, VA - guest/entertainer)
  • XM Radio (Comedy Channel interview)
  • National Journal's "Extreme Webcast" (Washington, DC -- guest)
  • "Kirk, Mark and Lopez Show," 98 Rock (Baltimore, MD -- guest)
  • "Morning Show," KIQZ-FM (Rawlins, WY -- guest)
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Bethesda, MD)
  • WBIG "Oldies 100" radio show (Rockville, MD -- guest)
  • HBO's "Sketchpad" with MadTV's Brian Cowan, Fairfax, VA (bit part in aerobics sketch)
  • "Hit Trip" -- Country Music Television on location in Washington, DC (guest comedian)
  • "Kelley and King Show" -- San Diego's KGB 101.1/KFMB 760 (guest commentator)

    For more information about Doug, or for additional fan comments, check out the rest of this site or by emailing  doug@dougfun.com
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