The comedian who's "Jung at heart, and a Freud of Nothing"

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After two decades of making people laugh, Doug is still as Fun as ever. Having first performed in college in 1989, then moving on to his first club gig at the Annapolis Comedy Club in Annapolis, Md., in 1993 with a then-ponytailed Rich Vos, Doug has worked in venues of all sizes across the country, from colleges and comedy clubs to conventions and motivational workshops.

Doug has the distinction of being the first comedian to perform in Washington, DC, after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The show, also featuring Al Goodwin and Joe Recca, at the DC Improv proved that America wanted -- maybe needed -- to laugh, and that the American people would not be intimidated. Laughter helped heal the nation's capital, an experience he wrote about for the Washington Post. Click here to see the article.

In Oct. 2005, Doug performed at the Laugh Factory in Times Square, New York City, only to have the show abbreviated by yet ANOTHER terrorist alert that closed the subways underneath the club. Suffice it to say, Doug has no love for the terrorists who seem bent on killing his comedy career.

Terrorists notwithstanding, Doug has entertained thousands, appeared on CNBC, XM Radio, National Public Radio, Country Music Television, and met lots of cool people (including many of his comedy idols) who think he's hilarious. He even got his photo with one or two, drank beer with George Lopez and Kathleen Madigan, drank a beer NEAR Wendy Liebman and Bill Maher, ate a burrito and gawked at strippers with Dom Irrera and Chris Coccia, had daiquiries with Emo Phillips, picked up girls with Mitch Fatel, drank Grey Goose with Doug Stanhope, told jokes to Will Durst (much to Durst's chagrin, mind you), got career advice from Brett Leake and Jeff Caldwell, and arranged tours of the US Capitol for Greg Lausch and Milton Berle's nephew Marshall.

Doug has also personally provided comedy coaching to Vice President Dick Cheney (click here to see for yourself!) , and Doug's very funny book Graze Expectations was in Cheney's Vice Presidential Library at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. It may still be -- though it is more likely in a box somewhere in a warehouse next to the Ark of the Covenent. Click here to see Doug's invite to the Vice President's Residence and click here to see the Vice President's thank-you letter for the hilarious gift of literature which is, again, probably in a warehouse somewhere.

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