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Kind Words from Kind People

For the record, can I just say that I love Doug Hecox? Not in a gay way. But I love him. Hecox is a monster. -- comedian Greg Lausch, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Doug, you leave me torn between laughing and just shaking my head. (P.S.: Laughing usually wins out) -- Sarah Case, Longview, WA

"Your dark side is a beacon of light in this PC world!" -- Donny Rood, KTED-FM, Casper, WY

"Dementia at its best. You are flat-out insane. Your brain is nonstop dude....love it!!!" -- Becky Soske, Douglas, WY

Your comedy cd was a big hit on my radio show. I got at least three texts of "WTF Leah" in regards to the big gulp bellybutton joke." -- Leah Menzer, Washington, DC

"I am a DOUG FAN! YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST MAN OF ALL TIME!" -- Carlos Hampton, Washington, DC

You were great today and we thoroughly enjoyed your routine. Keep up the excellent work. When you become rich and more famous... we can say “we know him!” -- Nikki McDavid, Washington, DC

I said it to you Wednesday and still think your "clear violation of the five-second rule" line was the funniest line of the night. -- Carson Gross, Washington, DC

Dottie and I had a blast! Haven’t been to a comedy club since I can’t remember when. You were terrific and I hope enough other people thought so too. I want another chance to see you perform! -- Dave Longo, Washington, DC

It was awesome seeing you in action! --Karen Aldana, Falls Church, VA

People love that 'Fat Girls Body Shot' joke of yours. They are quoting you in the office, which I am surprised has not aroused HR yet. -- Deedre Daniel, Washington, DC

I saw you on a commercial over the weekend! You are our local celebrity! -- Sue Doyle, Washington, DC

So I'm sitting on a metro train and looking at the ads. What do I see? Your joke about mime funerals! -- Adam Snider, Washington, DC

You are always fun Doug -- Carol Hertel, Ventura, CA

"Outstanding! You are one funny dude!!" -- Scott Fryer, Little Rock, Ark.

"You are bold enough to say what the rest of us wonder." -- Jillian McGarvin-Balow, Cheyenne, Wyo.

"I check your site often since your blog is a comedy goldmine and it gives me amusing things to text my boyfriend while he is working. We're both terrible people but even some of your jokes make us both go "ooooh, can't believe he said that." Like how Cheney's book had a happy ending, hahaha. We'd love to see your act live!" -- Ashley Wald, Hagerstown, Md.

You put a smile on my face several times a day and am grateful for it as it's not an easy thing to do. You're darlin' and you deserve the good things that life in America can offer (whatever those are these days). It seems to come effortlessly for you to make me giggle on a daily basis and I look forward to reading your jibes. -- Shannon Massey, Adrian, Mich.

Great performance today! -- Gunnar Newquist, Honolulu, Hawaii

The sign of a TRUE comedian, you venture where the darkest part of humanity has already gone in its head, but only a FEW are brave, or crazy, enough to SAY it. -- Becky Soske, Douglas, Wyo.

"Dude, you're hilarious!" -- Reggie Slater, Houston, Texas

When DougFun or Rachel Maddow explains the news, I get it. -- Kelly Barrett, Washington, D.C.

Listened to your cd on the way home... it was hilarious!!! -- Alexandra Stewart, Woodbridge, Va.

I'm very impressed. I love your style, and of course you are hilarious. I hope you come around soon. I'd love to see you perform! That would be a blast. You're a funny man, Doug Hecox. :)) -- Sherri Newill, Colorado Springs, Colo.

"About your cd -- my brother gave it to me for my birthday at the beginning of January, and I apologize for taking so long to give you feedback. I really enjoyed it! The first time I listened to the whole thing was at the gym in my building. I think the other guy in the room thought it was really creepy that I was getting such a kick out of the step machine. I almost fell off when you told the po boy joke. I also really liked the Election 08-Hillary the Ice Queen jokes. I think your comedy is really refreshing because it's hilarious without being extremely obscene. I've been to the DC Improv and some other comedy venues, and I've seen a lot of raunchy comedians that weren't even particularly clever...just kind of gross that you had to laugh because you don't know how else to respond. (I've also seen completely clean and politically correct comedy and was bored to tears.) As an audience member, I thought you had a good balance of not dropping the f-bomb every two seconds, yet saying some pretty unbelievable things. I loved it! Thanks for sharing your comedy with us! -- Amanda Glensky, Washington, DC

Where do you come up with this stuff? Is all this stuff really just floating around in your head? Lol!" -- Lori Herrud-Morrow, Lander, WY

I finally listened to your album--it's sooo funny! I felt like an idiot driving around laughing in my car by myself! Haha- -- Sarah Sheya, Arlington, VA

The CD is hilarious! I was busting up while driving my car this morning. People must have thought I was wacko. My fiancee and I absolutely loved it. Good stuff. Gracias! -- Robert Chevez, San Bernardino, CA

I'm really diggin the cd!!! listened to it all the way thru a few times -- lol -- cracks me up everytime! Need to see a live show! I've always been a fan of your comedy! I actually still remember a few lines you said at the show of yours I came too... That grandmother one is FUNNY!!!! hahaha -- Juwan "Storitela" Sharafeddin, Washington DC

You're damned funny Doug...take it from me - I know funny -- Reggie Slater, Sugar Land, TX

You have a huge following among the Rawtown peeps! -- Kelsey Campbell, Cheyenne, WY

Hil-freaking-arious - I’m crying here! Seriously, you’ve got some great stuff. U think she should have ridden in the back of the hearse… hilarious! I’m glad I’m not from Baltimore or especially Tampa! -- Matt Schmitz, Sacramento, CA

Listening to the @dougfun "vote for me" live album - HILARIOUS! -- Clea Conner, New York City, NY

On my recent dismissal from NBC's "Last Comic Standing":

Proud of you Doug. Cattle Calls are rough and this one sounded about as grueling as they come. You handled it with class and your great sense of humor. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Thanks for sharing your experience. You are BRAVE!!! -- Jamie Flitner, Greybull, WY

I'm impressed at what you went through for a shot at an adventure like that. Well done! I would not have had the brass to do the same. You da man! -- Jon Hiles, Louisville, CO

I am proud of you and I hope you are too! You are still the funniest guy I know! -- Stephanie Woods Fleury, Salt Lake City, UT

Doug.....you WON! YOU, got further than some and that is a win. When I used to go on acting interviews I had a form of acceptance or denial or winning attitude if you will. I would go on an interview, and if I got a CALLBACK that was a success for me. That was my goal and meant that I had differentiated my performance from others to the best of... See More my ability and indulgently, with an artisitic flair. Now, I was very lucky and successful with interviews, especially TV commercials where my hit rate was about 1 out of 10. The 9 that I lost, I just put all the casting director names in my black box and remembered some very personal things to say to them the next time I met them to enhance my position in their conscious. It worked most every time. This is but a rung on your success ladder and you actually won by getting to where you were on the chain of events. CONGRATS...pat yourself on your back and now work on the little nuances that will give you ONE more inch in creating a tapestry of differentiation. The person that simply takes the lump and moves on....will eventually be passed by YOU with such diligence and responsible dedication. Good luck and continue entertaining us with your Wit! I am grateful for some of the fine writing you have shared.... -- Larry Wilcox, star of TV's "CHiPs," Los Angeles, CA

I applaud your tenacity...you are pretty old to stand around all day just for the chance to perform. Good story...go make some jokes out of it! -- Mike Martin, Cheyenne, WY

Congratulations - that's awesome! We will be watching to see you when the show airs this summer. -- Stacy Anderson, Dallas, TX

NEVER give up!!! Keep on auditioning!!! If you find out when they are going to show the NYC auditions, please let us know so we can hope to get a glimpse of you!!! - Mary Kay Albrechtson, Rawlins, WY

Not cool!! :( -- Shealee Donahue Bostrom, Worland, WY

Well, you are our favorite comic. -- Sherry Taylor, Pinedale, WY

Sorry bro, maybe next time. -- David Martinez, Rawlins, WY

I still say you should keep your ears tuned to FOX "Red Eye"! You'd be perfect on that show!! This Last Comic Standing Show has never proved to have very good talent, in my opinion...which isn't worth much, but I do laugh at some things! ;) - Linda Loostrom, Gothenburg, NE

Doug: You are the bomb for "going for it". America will be missing out on the "Doug Fun" we have all had to endure....errrr.....enjoy for all these years:) -- Susan Anabel, Phoenix, AZ

They messed up. Big time. (Nice pic too!) -- Sylvia Traymore Morrison, Rawlins, WY

Keep your head up, you're fabulous! -- Michelle Balka Demeyer, Salt Lake City, UT

Having seen who they picked in the past says it all. You'll get your break. Sorry it wasn't today. -- Nickey Baxter, Pittsburgh, PA

Fools. They are absolute fools. -- Misty Walsh, Washington, DC

-- And now, back to the testimonials --

My 9 year old son is entering the talent competition at his school because he is inspired by you.....Awe! =) Not sure what material he is going to use, but he told me he "was a comedian, just like Doug". -- Stephanie Albrechtson, Rawlins, WY

Thank You for the presentation you made to our Higher Education community in the Power of Place lecture series. Your talk was funny and insightful, provocative and accessible. I rode to Cheyenne this past week with a group of people who have been regular Power of Place attendees and they began talking about the various presentations of the year. To a person, they enjoyed your presentation and thought you were one of our finer moments. So thank you for taking the role of educator seriously while using humor to get your points across. I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as the rest of us did!
-- Dr. David Throgmorton, Rawlins, Wyo.

YOU CRACK ME UP ALL THE FRICKIN TIME!! I dont wanna be all over your wall, liking this and liking that since it's strange enough since i've only met you once yearrrrssss ago, but you are a FKN RIOT and i WILL get your cd. keep it up, man... you have such a quick mind and totally know how to put words together... anyhow, i'll stop gushing like a bitch.... will be watching president b.o. do his thang and waitin to hear your take ; )
-- Pam Noble, Silver Spring, Md.

My kids almost peed their pants laughing so hard at this. My son, Kobe, is one of your newest and maybe youngest fans! He also wants coal for christmas now next year because of the whole diamond do-it-yourself kit you talk about!!! LOL
-- Stephanie Albrechtson, Casper, Wyo.

you're friggin' hilarious. I just caught your youtube piece on your site and that dishwasher joke damn near knocked me over.
Steve Slatten, Washington, DC

Funny stuff man!
John Gonzales, Roseville, CA

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