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You want comedy? Here are some of my comedy pals' websites -- check them out!

EMO PHILIPS my comedy idol and hopefully, someday, my comedy roommate! I've got room, Emo, so call me back! I'm tired of leaving notes with your agent, on your front door and in the steam on your medicine cabinet! (Seriously, this guy is too funny to be human. Check him out at all costs!)

WENDY LIEBMAN Wendy is incredible and terrorists keep trying to keep us apart. We were supposed to work together in DC for a week beginning Sept. 11, 2001. You can guess the rest. She's an incredible talent, so check her out the next time you're in Vegas!

DOUG STANHOPE One of the most insightful comedy voices working today, and maybe ever. I'm constantly amazed by Stanhope's talent, and you should be too. Go see him!

DAVE ATTELL America's favorite comic psychopath, check him out on Comedy Central's "Insomniac with Dave Attell"

MITCH FATEL A star on the rise, this soft-spoken gutbuster is one of Jay Leno's new favorites, and is a popular act wherever he appears. He's also a funny writer for Playboy, and deserves every cupcake he gets!

>FRANK KING The man who first encouraged me to be a professional comedian after seeing me perform in a college competition. He is supremely funny and, now, he is making headlines by being a better Sen. John Edwards than John Edwards! Check him out!

BRETT LEAKE too funny to be believed. No wonder he's a regular on the Tonight Show!

JEFF CALDWELL The wittiest guy on the road, Caldwell is one of the funniest Americans ever.

ODDTOE Ottoman Ottinger is the funniest cartoonist in all the land, including the land of Lilliput where the local folk really look up to him. If you like warped, or midgets, or warped midgets, Oddtoe is the place to be.

KEVIN DOWNEY JR.. comic sensation, or strange visitor from another world? YOU be the judge!

BIG AL Simply put, he's DC's favorite!

GREG LAUSCH Shazam, fat man! It's always go time with Greg Lausch, the original red-headed stranger! !

STEVE MARTIN He's no longer wild, but he's still crazy. Visit Steve online and tell him Doug sent you!

SHECKY! Magazine the finest on-line magazine written by, and for, fans of stand-up comedy… "Sheck" it out!

TOM, THE DANCING BUG – one of the funniest cartoons anywhere!

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