The comedian who's "Jung at heart, and a Freud of Nothing"

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Handshaking-small.jpg Doug vs. Doug - photo by Kelly A. Barrett [View] New! greenwhiteblack-small.jpg Doug in his happy place -- photo by Kelly A. Barrett [View] New!
evil2.jpg Doug seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil. [View] New! MoodsMontage4colors2-small.jpg The ever-changing moods of Doug - photo by Kelly A. Barrett [View] New!
plastichicken4-small.jpg Doug realizing that it is hard to soar with the eagles when you hang around with rubber chickens - photo by Kelly A. Barrett [View] New! Hecox Webbw2.jpg I had this photo made into stamps... so if you get a letter from me, look for the Doug-stamp. [View] New!
Hecox Webbw134.jpg Doug, typing up the latest of his many epistles. [View] New! Hecox Webbw129.jpg The Writer of Wrongs, caught in mid-sentence [View] New!
Hecox140.jpg Doug, writing jokes [View] New! dhheadshot1.jpg Doug, wearing the last jacket he'll ever need [View] New!
pic6.jpg Doug, reading the funny papers [View] New! bylinepic.jpg Doug's headshot [View] New!
dhhead.jpg Doug's original headshot (ca. 1995) [View] New! pic3.jpg Doug, reading MORE of the funny papers [View] New!
pic4.jpg Doug, wearing his straitjacket and tie [View] New! pic5.jpg Doug, after the medication kicked in [View] New!
pic6edit.jpg Doug, after the medication wears off [View] Hecox160.jpg Lost in thought, but making great time [View]
Hecox Webbw11.jpg Doug, with no legs! AAAH! [View] Hecox Webbw78.jpg Doug, proofreading... a little late [View]


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