The comedian who's "Jung at heart, and a Freud of Nothing"

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reading2-small.jpg Doug, reading from "Star Spangled Banter" -- photo by Kelly A. Barrett [View] New! gecover.jpg Cover shot of Doug's first book of agricultural humor! [View] New!
ssbcvr.jpg Cover of Doug's first book (published in 2000)! [View] New! Aug2006 010.jpg Doug speaking to Washington Independent Writers at "Pubspeak" about humor writing (photo credit: Chris Leger) [View] New!
Aug2006 012.jpg Doug entertaining and delighting the Washington Independent Writers at their "Pubspeak" about humor writing (photo credit: Chris Leger) [View] New! general62006 001.jpg Doug, with Jim Crutchfield, Vernon Schmid and John Lubetkin, representing the Western Writers of America at the Book Expo America 2006 in Washington, DC [View] New!
doug_graze_signing.gif Doug at booksigning for Graze Expectations [View] FH000003.jpg Doug reading from "Graze Expectations" at Herndon Literary Fair (Herndon, VA) [View] New!
dh-gereading1.jpg Doug at a reading of "Graze Expectations" in Vienna, VA [View] dh-gereading2.jpg Doug explaining one of the funny jokes in "Graze Expectations" [View]
dougge3hecox.jpg Doug and fan at signing of Graze Expectations [View] doug_krfc.gif Doug on KRFC in Fort Collins, Colorado, promoting Graze Expectations [View]
dhvox4.JPG Doug recording first tracks of "Graze Expectations" audiobook [View] New!


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